Thinking Of Remaining In Jail? Have Your Loved One Think Again


When a loved one has been arrested, they may assure you that remaining in jail is no big deal. After all, bail can be expensive. Read on to find out why staying in jail is such a bad idea and about an inexpensive alternative to bail costs.

They Could Be There For A While

Both the jails and the courts are crowded, and things have nearly ground to a halt because of the pandemic. Your loved one might be in jail for months and months waiting on their court date.

They Could Be In Danger

It's no secret that jails are dangerous places. Your loved one might have been jailed for a minor crime like driving under the influence, but they will be jailed alongside those accused of doing far more serious crimes. Add to that the constant threat of becoming ill and suffering in jail with no loved one to care for them. Sicknesses can run rampant when people are in cramped confined spaces. That can mean digestive problems, weight loss from bad food, sleeping problems, and much more. 

They Could Be Fired From Their Job

Not showing up for work is sure to lead to a job loss even if their employer doesn't find out that they are in jail. This is no time to do without a paycheck. In addition to the other financial obligations, your loved one should be budgeting for a lawyer and miscellaneous legal costs even if they end up being found innocent. Contrast that with missing a few days of work before being bailed out.

They Cannot Work On Their Defense

Jail puts everyone at a disadvantage when it comes to case preparation. The lawyer your loved one hires will need to spend hours with them planning defenses, gathering information, advising them, and more. That is nearly impossible while in jail. Your loved one will have little to no privacy in jail with which to plan a case. Case preparation involves complex and highly detailed information and jail is a very poor location for that.

They Cannot Afford Bail

Bail may seem unaffordable. Your loved one can be bailed out of jail by paying the jail or court system or they can use an outside bail bonding agency for a mere percentage of that amount. Bail bonding agents work as the go-between for your loved one and the jail. For a small fee, your loved one can be released in hours. Once released, though, they must agree to follow all the rules of bail and return for their future court dates and obey other conditions.

Contact a local bail bondsman to find out more. 


16 February 2022

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