Two Things You Need To Know When Working With A Bail Bonds Agent


A bail bonds agent can seem like an absolute angel during your hour of need. No one wants to sit in jail unnecessarily simply because they don't have enough money to cover the cost of their bail. Just knowing that you can call a bail bonds agent any time of the day or night and find an individual who is willing to put up your bond so you can walk free is a wonderful thing. However, although you might gain your freedom relatively quickly, this is just the beginning of the process. If you plan to secure your release from jail with the help of a bail bondsman, here are a few things that you should know.

You Must Keep Your Court Dates

Once you are free from jail, the very first thing you should do is find out when your next court date is and clear your schedule so you can be in attendance. This point cannot be stressed enough because if you don't show up for your court dates, you set in motion a series of events that might be hard to stop.

The bail bonds agent puts up their funds to secure your release under the condition that you won't skip town or flee the country. You were given a bond because you were not considered a flight risk, but if the thought does cross your mind, you might want to think twice. The bail agent probably won't get their money back if you fail to show up for court. Because they are literally in charge of you until you are cleared by the judge, agents also have the right to use a bounty hunter to find you and take you back to jail. It's probably going to be harder to get out of jail again if this happens, so it's best to simply show up for your court dates and be ready to argue your case.

Collateral Is An Option

If you are scared to call a bail bonds agent because you don't have much liquid cash, you can actually breathe a sigh of relief. Many bail agents will accept valuable items as collateral instead of money. So, if you have antiques, heirlooms, deeds, or paid-off vehicles, you may be able to use these items as collateral and get out of jail very quickly.

Working with a bail bonds agent can make your time in jail so much shorter. Understand how the process works and go into your bail bonds experience with confidence.


11 August 2019

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