5 Tips To Save On Your Mortgage


Buying a home can be exciting and can make for a huge life change. As you prepare for this major purchase, you may be thinking about taking out a mortgage. Most people take out a mortgage so they can spread out the cost of their home throughout their lifetime. While a mortgage can be costly, it doesn't have to break the bank. There are steps that you can take to save and better prepare. Here are some tips that can help you save on your home mortgage cost:

Give Yourself Extra Time to Save

While it can be tempting to buy a house right away, it may not make sense depending on your finances. If you only have a small bit of money saved up for a down payment, it can be worth delaying the move for a few months or even a year or two to save big. This can allow you to put more money down and have smaller monthly payments when you take out the mortgage. 

Look at Speical Programs

There are many special programs and mortgage types out there. For example, if you're a first-time home buyer, you can save. If you're a veteran of the armed forces, you may be able to take out a VA home loan. These are some ways that can trim the cost of a mortgage and make them more affordable for those with more unique situations. Don't be afraid to ask about these types of programs when you shop around! 

Be Willing to Downsize or Buy a Cheaper Home

Of course, everyone wants their dream home, but sometimes that isn't possible. It can be extremely costly depending on the size or area. If you're able to make some sacrifices, downsizing or buying a slightly cheaper home can make all the difference. Don't focus on your max budget! 

Make One Extra Payment Annually

If you're able to make one extra mortgage payment each year, it can add up. This can trim down the length of your loan by a few years! Take some steps to save a bit extra each month and apply the extra payment towards the end of each year.

Buying a home is a huge investment and a big life change. With a little extra planning, you can save on this expenses. Contact a lender today, such as at Rankin Mortgages, to learn more about mortgage types as well as any special loan programs like VA loans. 


7 June 2018

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