3 Tips For Using Car Title Loans Responsibly


If you are in desperate need of some cash and have a car that is paid off, you could use the title of this vehicle to get the cash you need. This is something you can do through a car equity loan (also called a car title loan), and it offers a fast and easy way to get the cash you need. If you are feeling hesitant about this because of the negativity surrounding car title loans, you should know that car title loans are great options if you use them responsibly. Here are three tips that will help you use a car title loan correctly.

Have a purpose for the money

Taking a car title loan can be an irresponsible thing to do if you are planning on using the money for something you really don't need; but if you are using it for a good reason, then this is a great way to get cash quickly.

Before you decide to trade in your car title for some cash, make sure that you have a plan of how you will spend this money, and always make sure the reason is valid. Here are some examples of valid reasons to take car title loans:

  • To avoid disconnection of a utility
  • To avoid late fees on credit cards or other bills
  • To protect your credit from late payments
  • For unexpected repairs needed for your car, furnace, or house
  • Medical bills arising from emergency situations

As long as you have a valid reason for taking the loan, a car title loan is not a bad thing.

Create a plan to repay the loan when it is due

If you establish a good purpose for the money, your next job is to come up with a plan to repay the money when it is due. In most cases, car title loans are due within 30 days. If you do not think you will be able to repay the money within that time frame, don't take the loan. The fees on car title loans are higher than fees on other loan types, but they can be even more when you have to extend the due date.

Take the loan only if absolutely necessary

Finally, think this idea through before going through with it. When you get a car title loan, you will have to give up the title in exchange for the cash you receive. While you will get the title back as soon as you repay the loan, you could also lose the car and title if you fail to pay it back or work out an alternative payment arrangement.

Car title loans are perfect for short-term emergency situations, you just have to use them responsibly. To learn more about these or to apply for one, contact a company that specializes in car equity loans, like DRIVEiT Title Loans.


9 June 2015

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